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Our Services

Strategic Planning

Image by Lukas Blazek

We ensure our clients are strategically focused as they head in the future. We work with agencies to help them map out the execution of their mission at all levels of the organization.

Community Outreach

Experts Panel

Community is the key to any organization. Getting clients connected with a community that supports their work is ideal for success. We help agencies get their message out to the communities they seek to serve in an effective way that results in long lasting relationships. 

Annual Reports

Annual Report.jpg

You have to know where you have been to know where you are capable of going. Recording yearly assessments of growth and challenges help organizations to more accurately plan and project future goals and endeavors. We help clients with this task by compiling data and producing annual documentation of progress. 

Speech Writing

Giving a Speech

Decades of experience writing speeches for politicians, community leaders and public figures will aid our clients in connecting with audiences at any event. Give us your thoughts and let us put it in a concise succinct rhythm. 

Press Releases

Image by Bank Phrom

We make sure messages do not end up on the cutting room floor in newsrooms by producing engaging content that captures the attention of editors and gets your news published. We know what makes news. Let us write press releases that will see the light of day on multiple media platforms. 

Manuscript Editing

Image by Jonas Jacobsson

We offer line editing for manuscripts to help authors present their best work to agents and publishing houses for publication. We aim to help writers fine tune their voice with decades worth of editing.

Diversity Training

Women Colleagues

We provide training for organizations to help them better understand and embrace the spirit of diversity within their establishments, using tailor-made strategies to fit each agency. Sessions are also available for businesses looking to broaden their reach to diverse audiences. 

Media Relations

Image by Matthew Guay

Connecting our clients with media outlets to help them reach their target audiences is what we do well. We make media introductions that evolve into messages aimed in the right direction for awareness, education and growth for organizations.  We walk with our clients all the way, from interview prep, to editorial meetings to media meet-and-greet events.  

Public Speaking


Our team is knowledgeable and skilled in public speaking. We have spoken at numerous events to small and large audiences.  We would love to be a speaker or panelist for your next event.

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